Realise a wonderful vacation in the most cosmopolitan island of Sporades and enjoy your staying in the forested area of ​​Kolios

The island of Skiathos is part of a cluster of islands, known as Northern Sporades (name meaning “sparse”, “randomly placed”) located in the Aegean Sea. It was the first island to experience great touristic development during the ‘70s and, since then, it holds a leading position in the Greek Tourism. Every year, thousands of tourists from Greece and around the world choose Skiathos for their summer holidays and there are many who choose to visit Skiathos in winter, which is characterized by a poetic beauty, tranquility and romance.

The island counts a distance of 38 naval miles from Volos and 3 naval miles from Mount Pelion. Its total area is about 49 square kilometers, with a total coastline of about 44 km, while measuring about 6500 residents. Most of the people are involved in touristic enterprises, which are the main economic resource of the island, while less of the inhabitants are involved in traditional island occupations, such as fishing, shipping, livestock and agriculture. The main agricultural product of Skiathos is olive and olive oil.

It is an all – around green island, with its bigger part covered by lush pine forests, full of paths suitable for romantic walks and hikes that lead to monasteries and other historic monuments. The mountainous volume of the island is estimated at 75{43ba1045ced27493e119493b55474f7fc9568c885e756355ac0294bfbd05d884} of the total area. Unlike many other Greek islands, Skiathos has a beautiful particularity: The northern part of the island is characteristically differentiated from the southern part. Thus, the south side is well-developed while the north side has kept intact its wild natural beauty.

The island counts a total of 64 beaches, which satisfy all tastes, since they are quite differentiated one to another. They are all unique in their beauty and, if we had to single out a few, we would choose Koukounaries, Lalaria, Banana, the Castle and the island Tsougria.

The main road artery,14 km long, links Skiathos town to Koukounaries with intermediary stop-overs, beaches and other smaller settlements of the island, while the northern island’s main road is quite rough.