Activities in Skiathos, in this beautiful island in the Aegean Sea, are many and offer amazing impressions and experiences to any visitor who wants to enjoy the beauties of the island, combined with sports. Several activities are included within the options, such as water sports, scuba diving, Skiathos Tennis Club, riding, visits to the monasteries of the island, the castle of Skiathos and local museums.

Sea sports
On every organized beach you can enjoy water sports, such as Water Skiing, Jet Ski, Windsurfing, Water coils and paragliding.

Scuba Diving
Skiathos Diving Center, after strenuous effort, managed to obtain permission for authorized diving in Skiathos. Those who have the necessary qualification, have the opportunity to explore the magnificent depths of the island. The Diving Center is situated in central Skiathos’ port.

Skiathos Tennis Club
Apart from some hotels that provide tennis court, Skiathos Tennis Club is an excellent choice, equipped with four modern tennis courts and swimming pool.
Tel.: +30 24270 24054

Horse Riding
Skiathos Riding Center is located at Koukounaries, offering modern equipment. The riding school will fill you with special moments, riding on the highest mountain peaks and inaccessible paths.
Tel.: +30 24270 49548

Monasteries in Skiathos

The Monastery of Panagia Kounistra
It is approximately 10 km. from the town of Skiathos. Access to the monastery is easy, since the paved road will bring you to the doorstep of the monastery.

The Monastery of the Annunciation
It is approximately 3.5 km. from the town of Skiathos, in Agalianos.

The Castle of Skiathos
The Castle is built on a gigantic rock, located in the Northern side of the island, about 15 km. from the town of Skiathos.

Museums in Skiathos

Alexandros Papadiamantis
The great novelist was born in Skiathos on March 4th, 1851, and died on January 2nd, 1911.

In his first steps he worked as a simple translator in newspapers and magazines.He also began to write short stories, which made him exceptionally famous. At the same time he published his novels, such as “The Immigrant,” “The Merchants of Nations” and “The Gypsy”.

Papadiamantis is the glory and pride of the island. The house is located on the main street, near the port, while the bust stands in front of the entry to Bourtzi, stating one of his philosophical epigrams.