By car:
Car is perhaps not very useful to you since, you can visit different areas and beaches by bus or taxi. In Skiathos there are representations of all major car rental companies and many local enterprises  that have modern fleets of cars and scooters.

By bus:
Dense bus routes connect the city with the beautiful beaches of Skiathos.

On ferryboat:
The ferry connection is realised:

  • From Agios Konstantinos, serving tourists from Athens (Pl. Kaniggos). The  journey lasts approximately 3 hours.
  • From Volos, daily during summer. The journey lasts 2:40 hours.
  • From Thes / niki, 3 times a week during the summer season.

Skiathos is also linked to Alonissos, Glossa, Skopelos and Evia Island – Mantoudi .

Shipping companies:

By flying dolphin or catamaran:
The island is well connected with hydrofoils and catamarans to Ag.Konstantinos, Volos, Thessaloniki, Trikeri Island, Alonissos, Glossa (Skopelos), Trikeri (Pelion) and Skopelos.

  • From Agios Konstantinos, the journey lasts 2:40 hours..
  • From Volos, several times a day. The journey lasts 1:20 hours
  • From Thessaloniki every day, during the summer season.

Scheduled boats, fishing boats and small vessels:
You can reach daily the beautiful beaches of Skiathos via organized excursions on boat. Boats and fishing boats operate routes and trips to all of the beautiful beaches and coastal villages of the island as well as to Skopelos, Alonissos, around Skiathos island and Tsougria.

By airplane:

Skiathos Airport
Tel .: 24270.22.376,
21.885 Fax: 24270.24.130
The flight connection to Athens is regular and lasts 35 minutes.
The distance from Skiathos airport to town is about 4 km and by taxi or car.
The island, especially during the summer period, is connected directly by air charter flights to: Amsterdam, Vienna, Copenhagen, Milan, Berlin, Belgrade, Gothenburg, Zurich, Manchester, London, Munich, Oslo, Düsseldorf, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Frankfurt.


On your own boat:

Skiathos port is the main destination of charter and private boats in Skiathos. Fuel supply facilities, water, ice and food is provided to all boats, as well as engineers for any kind of repair.
There are several bays around the island, which are suitable for safe anchorage.